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As with all images posted on this site, click on image to enlarge and then hit ´back´for more.

Lakes Region – Bariloche 

dscn1127.JPG dscn1134.JPG dscn1136.JPG dscn1148.JPG dscn1166.JPG  dscn1169.JPG dscn1173.JPG dscn1190.JPG   dscn1177.JPG dscn1199.JPG     

 dscn1250.JPG  dscn1248.JPG  dscn1202.JPG  dscn1212.JPG  dscn1213.JPG dscn1229.JPG dscn1241.JPG dscn1230.JPG   dscn1251.JPG dscn1255.JPG 

Peninsula Valdes – Puerto Piramides

dscn1290.JPG  dscn1293.JPG  dscn1296.JPG  dscn1295.JPG  img_1465.JPG  img_1478.JPG  img_1544.JPG  img_1545.JPG   dscn1416.JPG dscn1436.JPG  dscn1437.JPG dscn1280.JPG dscn1310.JPG 

(that woman in scuba suit is not me, to chicken to scuba that day, so I took many photos instead!)

dscn1349.JPG  dscn1346.JPG



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