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I’m getting ready to jump ship. Taking time away to explore, learn Spanish, drink wine, eat meat, ski, play polo, find a shaman, climb a mountain…and then some.




1. Andy Van Cleave - August 28, 2006

I’m jealous as hell. Can’t wait to hear all of the exciting/dangerous/unexpected/wonderful things that you’ll experience along the way. (actually my kids and I will follow you guys via this blog.)

Please post pictures!

It’ll be just like National Geographic Explorer for gods sake!

Good luck & be careful.

– Andy VC

2. dana - August 28, 2006

Thanks so much Andy! I’ll try to keep things interesting for your reading pleasure!

3. Lisa Perruzzi - September 20, 2006

Had to take a peek and see what you were up to. Sounds and looks very exciting. I’ll keep checking up on your travels every week of so.

Sounds like your having the time of your life.

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