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Lima Alone November 27, 2006

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I am back home now  but I had some ramblings yet to post so there they are.

About the title….Yes, I wrote that. Bad pun. Lima Alone was after a day of weirdness… I stopped making eye contact and wear my sunglasses 90% of the time, hence the ridiculous joke. People are sometimes too nice and unwanted attention is not what I am after. Lima is an interesting city…at least the Miraflores section is and that is all I can vouch for given the timeframe of my visit here. It is like Miami and South Beach, both gloss and grime, only on the Pacific side, with a brown, frothy polluted sea foam that hits the rocky beaches below. 

It’s hot and humid as Miami too. It is quite pretty though and like most places, seeing and experiencing the juxtaposition of good and bad makes the character of an unknown place more real. The avenue of beaches (long stretch of pedestrian parks and walk ways, townhouses, high-rise apartments, towers and many, many feet below, another parallel stretch of road with beach access) and Laromar (safe, cliff and ocean view outdoor mall) is a great place to walk to from the hostel for me. I have a great photo posted (see Zenfolio site) which I swear is un-staged, from the Lovers Park, a park for um, lovers… which I visited alone. Loverless.

Unable to find a shaman as I never made it that far northeastward to the jungle, I engaged in another Peruvian cultural experience, shopping. No, not the alpaca, hand-woven craft stuffs. Did all that in Cusco. This is emporium-overstocked-had-to-be-made-in-a-sweatshop shopping. New York style. You walk into a storefront where there are piles and piles of shirts, all at one price, about 15 feet high, 10 feet wide each, and 50 women digging through. I was entranced by their effortless skill reaching deep into a pile of endless crap and pull gold for less than $1.50 each. After watching for a bit I walked in and indulged, catching three in five minutes.

Remind me to tell you about the last day in Cusco.



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