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A Perfect Day in Pucon September 29, 2006

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It is raining so I try to post news today….again! We had booked an excursion to climb Volcano Villarica…we may do it tomorrow if the weather gets better. It is an all day thing. We skied at the based at the ski resort one day, but to climb to the summit and look down into the crater, see the lava is another day. We are leaving for Santiago tomorrow night so it may work out.  Kevin starts his parapenting classes for about seven days before we head North to the desert and I need to hit some wineries and write something useful. Spanish classes are over now.  We visited a beautiful waterfall via horseback Wednesday, the first perfect warm and sunny day in Pucon for us. We took a horseback trek, rode in the hills in the mountainside, countryside, passing cows, horses and trees and not much else, save for the landscape which was breathtakingly serene… through rolling farmlands, with views of the city by the lake below, the resort town miniaturized, the volcano and other craggy and snowy peaks looming above.  And then we stopped…horses hitched in the shady trees, to hear pounding water in the distance, but we couldn’t see it.  It was just us two and our guide, total quietude as we walked (scrambled) down a winding and muddy trail, grabbing tree roots for stability in jungle-like circumstances, but we were in the mountains…we got to a point and see Cascada Salto Claro, a 150 foot waterfall, from the base, looking up amidst a rounded out, curved gorge, with green ferns and lush plants all along its rounded walls and the water so pretty and perfect WOW, amazing. Stayed and listened to the water and took pix and hiked around for other views…no other people.  No one at all.  Looking up, amazing. We then climbed back up, huff and puff,  and rode our nice horses back.  A perfect trek.



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