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Pucon, Chile plus photo link September 24, 2006

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We´re now in Pucon, Chile. We arrive after a stereotypically stinky ride on a crappy bus, however through rolling green hills and mountains, of farm land and forests, waterfalls and rain, contrasts of landscape and poverty and privilege. A really pretty resort resort town on Lake Villarica, in the shadow of Volcano Villarica … and again, in the low season, so we have it pretty good here…no muchas gente ahora, this is a good thing seeing as we´re not much into resort towns.  But very, very pretty and eww so chic too.  Still, it has the local contrasts that make this part of traveling so interesting. A funny surprise as our first two days we were like, ¨eh it´s okay, really pretty and scenic but…¨ and then one day I took a walk into smack dab of it, the Rodeo Drive of Pucon, casino and five star hotels, condos, stores and restaurants. Ha, that´s the way it goes sometimes. We stayed at a comfortablele hostel-vegetarian restaurant for the first three days, called Ecole and met a really neat guy, Fran, the owner. He is really well traveled, educated in the US as well as here and abroad, father worked for the embassy, his mother head of psychiatry at a university, Perdue maybe, I cannot recall now. Must check notes.  He told us  many of his travels, like the train from Moscow to Vladivostok and he has lived in at least four countries. Stories of life and death and things seen. Will detail later. Our travels are filled with meeting neat people, like Mathias the German horse farm owner, whose property we checked out as a possible place to stay but far too remote as we are now enrolled in Spanish school for a week here in glam central. I haven´t taken any photos of this resort part of town, because as pretty as it is, youve seen it all before´somewhere…google Pucon if you really want to see.

So…Pucon is small when the  throngs of summer people are not here… small enough that his Chilean wife, Karen is one of the Spanish teachers we learn once there.  Reminds me that  I need to write sometime of the irony of my being here from an oft overrun State of summer destinations and my own hypocrisy towards tourists, of which I now am. We are now staying at Cabanas Amorala, a really nice private house with a few rooms and more importantly, a kitchen for us (ahem, Kevin) to cook in.  Saves money on food and much better than always hunting down tea and whatnot when you need it. It´s great and a good bargain compared to what we get. Our own big space.  

We went for a bike ride, ah, my Chilean bike ride, 40 kilometers or so, on rented mountain bikes to Lago Caburga first day. It began to rain, pour heavily and windy…we went via the highway at first, easy and nice though a few uphill grinds and then the real Chile on the way back, down muddy, unpaved roads through the countryside and mountainside, wet and wild and so fun yet a wee bit terrifying at times when a car would come.  It was a riot but a bit of a drag at the time. You all know I like my feet dry and um, my pants dry and um, being dry and warm. About four hours or more it seemed of hell and beauty, steep and rocky, my muscles burned and we were soaked and cold, but it was great. And what else could you expect. It was a blast. I have pics.

dpp2_0078.JPG dpp2_0076.JPG dpp2_0092.JPG

There was a huge car rally, like the Cannonball Run of South America sponsored by Mobil on that very road the next day, barring the property owners from leaving or coming to their own houses. We met one, they´re pissed…it comes every year. The town was abuzz with the sound of motors…another story I will soon tell.

Check out Kevin´s pix so far…he is shooting with a professional grade camera and I am really jealous. Good stuff…view nature as it was meant to be seen, through the lens of a Canon. 


I need to write a chapter about food by the way…we come across many new surprising and alarming juxtapositions of food stuffs. That is a funny entry in and of itself.  Soon…now if I only I could successfully post MY pics. Oh yes,  my time will come.

After Pucon, we head to Santiago.  Then to San Pedro de Atacama…then I go to Ecuador, behind schedule, but that is okay.



1. Brian - September 26, 2006

This all looks totally cool. I checked out the photo page as well. Loved the one with you in the red t and the penisve face. Its pulitzer time baby!!

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