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Border Crossings September 17, 2006

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dpp2_0005.JPG dpp2_0039.JPG dpp2_0011.JPG dpp2_0013.JPG  

We´re now in Puerto Varas, Chile and staying in a cute but touristy (low season now) German-settled town on Lake Llhallanque (spelled wrong here) with a stunning view of Volcano Osorno. We had some unexpected fun getting here. In one day we crossed the Argentina-Chile border four times, thanks to the excursion company not understanding their own reservations for us to stay one night in a secluded forest lake front hotel, tiny (I mean tiny, 40 people tops) town Puerto Blest (thus giving us another magnificent bus and then boat ride in a most unusual crossing that, I am pretty sure, we are the first to have had based on the baffled and amused reactions of the border agents and tourism staff). Long sentence, no? As a result though, we met some really nice people including a fascinating Argentine customs agent, Diego and the generous, informative Rafeallo, a guide from Tourism Puella…and extra time to practice our Spanish in many fun, new ways and locations. The story is really worth telling and when I have more time I will write it and post the shots that went with it. For now, I am at the mercy of the connection gods.

The day of the crossing was beautiful but chilly…



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