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Two weeks in September 14, 2006

Posted by danaslone in Uncategorized.

Pictures are up on the obviously named `Photos´ page. More to come, the connection has gotten slow and it is time to quit while I am ahead here…you´ll at least get the idea of how things look through my lens (and three of Kevin´s, captions and info to follow). 

We came back to Sin Fronteras in Bariloche to stay and take a few more lessons after the peninsula trip. We are on on our way to Chile tomorrow, via the lake crossing (Cruces de Lagos)….two days of buses and boats, mountans and lakes, and an overnight stay in Puerto Blest…looks beautiful to do, so we do it. Should be in Puerto Varas, Chile after that excursion.

Oh yeah, new arty photo of my adventure self on the About page as well…îf only the rest would load! Soon.



1. Justin - September 16, 2006

Pics look great Slone-stah. You look like your having a great time! Nice ‘thoughtful’ face in that one… 😉 And the one with the dog is cute!

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