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On to Peninsula Valdes, Whale Country September 9, 2006

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Our first week was awesome: we did so much and I feel great! We decided next up was Puerto Piramides, on the famed Peninsula Valdes via port city Puerto Madryn, a 12 hour, overnight double-decker bus ride. I have never done that before so the first few hours I thought “this isn`t so bad” followed by the thought at 3am when I awoke sweaty and feeling smothered that “this is hell.” They serve food and show movies and overall nothing to complain about. We prevailed and arrived –  we decided to skip the city and hop onto another bus for another 1.5 hours to get right the peninsula. Sheep dotted the arid and bristly landscape like little grey and beige clouds, we saw vicuna and some horses too.  The Atlantic Ocean and this phenomenal landscape tell us this is the right place to be. Only 400 or so people live on the peninsula which is a protected nature preserve and home to right whales, seas and sea lions, penguins and desolate, vast beaches and giant sand dunes carved over time to create some of the most famous landscapes photographed. When I get mine up, you will see why. We stay in a cute, little beach cabana, greeted by the husky voiced Sonia who has likely smoked a lot cigarettes in her life. We must have the best spot, amidst the dunes and the we can see and hear whales, quiet and like it is all ours.  We stayed for four days and nights. We rented some mountain bikes to ride up the grueling and dusty roads to a quiet and outrageously scenic, amazing (i need a new word, i know) overlook to the ocean filled with a sea lion and seal colony. Hack hack hack, I did ride most all of it, though I had to get off a few times and push the bike up some steeper parts, which I kid not, were really f*ckin steep. I like downhill best but here those are few and far between…we are always going uphill. I am gonna be in some tight shape when I get back if this keeps up. Did I mention I fell off for a brief second into cactus like plant? Ouch but that cracked me up. Fleeting humiliation of defeat by Mother Nature. This place is just filled with the sounds of the wind, whales, birds, few people and that is the way I like it. Nature, pure and unadulterated save for the tiny village. The Peninsula is gigantic, check it in the map, so we will never seee it all, never, but what we have seen has been awesome. The people are cool, it is chill place and I have spoken to quite a few people in my bad Spanish, though I think I make more sense than ever before. When Kevin went to bike on more, after we had chilled for a bit after trekking about on them for about four hours or so I went to town and had a productive time making a few new friends later that afternoon – it was great to feel comfortable and confident enough to intermingle a bit. Some things are universal though, so I have found I can communicate competently even if my grammar sucks and I use the wrong words, or no words, at times. I could stay here for longer. We met an owner (the `island mack daddy´ as Kevin called him) of two of the hotels/hostels and he gave us a great tip for an unusual trek over drinks one night. We followed through. Ask me about it.



1. Aimee - September 11, 2006

Hey babe!!!!!
Sounds like you are having fun!
Hope all is well!
Love you, Aimes

2. Brian - September 16, 2006

Totally cool. Sweaty and smothered was never your bag though. The whole trip sounds amazing.

3. mom - September 30, 2006

i don’t think my messages i sent u registered…love your entries….am soooo jealous of your wonderful hiking/biking/riding treks! been busy here and am using today to catch up on your blogs and photos…the one by the waterfall looks as if the pixels didn’t all congeal or something…you look like a warhol painting…which is also quite nice but hard to see details…the pic is fine little but enlarging it to see it creates the effect i mentioned…will write again, you tight-muscled little girl!!

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