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Bariloche: Cerro Otto, Cerro Caterdal, Llao Llao September 9, 2006

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Bariloche was beautiful and so much fun. Links to photos soon, I swear it. After our arrival we settled in to a non-routine of Spanish classes mixed with trekking about the area. We went to Cerro Otto, via gondola. That was a fun 1402 meters to the top. If you have never been in teleferico/gondola, it is actually a neat way to see the area from so high up contained in a little glass bubble transportation device. So beautiful and spectacular views of the lakes and mountains. Most of the trekking trails were closed due to snow but we managed to get around a bit, though I did get a whistle blown at me for taking one step past a sign that said don´t do that. They use Saint Bernard dogs as the Swiss do I suppose and we saw a few cute pups too, the marketing tools of Cerro Otto, but very cute. They even wear the barrels around their neck collars. We then ate at the revolving restaurant, yes, a revolving restaurant (Quote of the daÿ from Kevin: “Dare me to ask the waiter to slow it down?”) and got silly, drank wine, ate goulash, had a good time overall, returning to the base in the little glass bubble car. Did I mention they had disco up there? The self-billed “only mountain top discotheque.” We popped in and it was uh, 430 in the afternoon or so and a mass of kids were going to nuts having some good clean fun to good clean music. Watched ´Motorcycle Diaries´on DVD from Kevin´s laptop. Great movie and the way I´d travel if I had some real, or any, ahem, b*lls. We do a lot walking around and taking the Number 20 bus around…it is a cool place to be for sure.

The next day we went to Cerro Catedral to ski. Spring skiing, conditions sloppy but really fun too. In the right season, it must be phenomenol. Another fun day and a lunch of meat meat and more meat. Watched `Él Perro´ – a quiet and lovley film about a man and a dog on DVD that night. And yes, I have had plenty of Malbec!

Classes are good and low key. Rosana´s language excercises are interactive and creative, forcing conversation; a good way to learn. We have been to Park Llao Llao (twice), a nature preserve-park with arruynes trees, bamboo, dense woods. I expect to see a Hobbit – and even called to Pan and the wood nymphs to show themselves to me, but alas they did not. Also at Llao Lllao areas was a lovely departure point for lake tours, so we hiked a bit around that too and then up the magnificent and huge Hotel Llao Llao…we did not go in as the faithful Number 20 had arrived and it was close to 7pm. I have pictures, I really really do.



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