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We are here September 1, 2006

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Hurricane Ernesto is no match for our will to get out! We made it after a few uneventful and decent flights. Long day that was.  After the Miami closings we were rerouted via Atlanta. And yes, I was again a selectee for special screening at the jet port. What is in my file? We were met at the Bariloche airport by Reins, pronounced “rinse,” our host at Sin Fronetras. He is Dutch and his wife Rosana is from Argentina. They run the school from their really sweet house. Very nice, cool people. It´s like a cool homestay, it is a cool hometsay, as they speak to us in Spanish mostly and really get us immersed into it, but they do break out the English too when we need so far. Bariloche is very Alpine, green trees, snowy mountans, hilly and quaint, like a ski town in Switzerland, and very beautiful. We are right on the huge lake, Nahuel Huapi, which runs along the whole city route, forests, mountain and water from all views. Last night, adventure number one, we walked in the cold rain and wind down dark and windy road to a fabuloso restaurant called Berlina (hmmm, all the dogs are barking wildly right now, Kevin must be back from the la tienda as he went buy more vino, more on los perros en uno momemto)….Berlina, a microbrewery with great food. What was best was the atmosphere…what is nicer than after an invigorating cold rain walk then to be faced with a cozy place where the music selection was Peter Tosh? Reggae in Patagonia. Our table was beside a beautifully masoned stone fireplace with an alter above us decorated with the large skull of a bull with red lights inset in the eyes, glowing red candles and a teeny tiny creche with the Virgin Mary. We felt at home.  Berlina´s staff were all super nice and we spent a moment debating if they were stoners or not, given that after Peter Tosh came Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon. The food was delicious and I had a great class of vino tinto, Norton was the vineyard. Will look that up. We then walked home and hit it. Spanish class was at 11, and that was fun. It is just us as students right now. Peace. After class we went for a walk to the beach, Bahia Serena hiked a bit and took some pics. Then took a bus into Bariloche, the town proper and explored. Ate en enormous, ridiculously large lunch of meats and cheeses and things unknown at another microbrewery, then proceeded to walk as high as possible up the steeps street to catch a nice view, as if that is an issue, every view is beautiful, which we did. Los perros…the dogs. Like Mendoza, there are dogs eveywhere, many belong to people but most don´t. They all look pretty well fed and seem to survive fine but it is a little sad for me still, being me and all…anyway, they bark and bark…most houses have a few dogs fenced in as all houses are fenced all that way around and many are just walking around all day night. Barking is a bit of a soundtrack here. Regardless, we have seen about five vet offices in the city and outskirts of Bariloche so they are well equippped to deal. Supply and demand. The house we are staying at is down a dirt road, a cute but rustic neighborhood and you can´t walk anywhere without a chain reaction of barking. More to come later; pics too…we have some fun stuff planned for the week in addition to classes. The most interesting part of this is realizing we are not on anyone´s schedule and the same obligations that haunt you on vacation do not really exist in the same way now. Weird, but cool.



1. Justin - September 13, 2006

South American stoners with a restaurant!!! Too cool 🙂

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