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Four Days Until Lift-Off August 25, 2006

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I have four days left and I feel as though I cannot wait much longer. Despite my number one fear being true (the backpack indeed weighs more than I do), I am ready to begin my trek. Over the past week I have been taking care of a lot details, doing some work for clients and having lots of lunches and dinners. Two or three months of unmapped travel doesn’t seem like that big a deal, so no need for too many farewells. I am coming to realize this IS a big deal, at least from other people’s perceptions. I do feel pretty calm though, like it’s just another day coming; just not a plain ole vanilla one. Also one that I can’t wait for and hope will open my eyes to opportunities and bring a fresh perspective. We’re going to have a blast, Kevin and I. Wooooo!

Special thanks to Justin and Josh for letting me stay in their swingin’ bachelor pad while I prepare to leave, seeing as my tenant now lives in my lovely house. And thanks too, to Aimee and Kristi for unwavering coolness as friends in my preparations. Well, thanks to every one of course.

Check out this map for the first stop:


I think I love maps. Can’t stop sharing ’em. Ciao.



1. Justin - August 31, 2006

Ahhh.. Sloney, you are welcome anytime. I wish you good fortune on your adventure and will be checking back here anxiously awaiting updates!

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